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Midstates Energy


MidStates Energy is not just an energy provider. We are a strategic partner committed to enhancing every aspect of the project from groundbreaking to final inspection. Our recent mobile compactor maneuver isn’t just about saving time or money; it’s a stride toward a greener, cleaner approach to construction that allows MidStates Energy to recycle and repurpose onsite materials significantly reducing our environmental footprint.

MidStates Energy’s use of mobile compaction technology not only sets us apart as an industry leader, but also offers numerous advantages for our clients and projects in which we are involved. The biggest advantage of utilizing this technology is increased efficiency. This mobile compaction design means that soil densification now takes hours, not days, saving time and labor costs. With the compactors unmatched accuracy, trench backfilling is more consistent, reducing risks associated with non-uniform fill compaction and ensuring a solid foundation for the project’s next phase.

In today’s fast paced world, it’s easy to get caught up in the race for progress and overlook our impact on the environment. But we are proving that you can have both: sustainable growth and success. This is just one example of our commitment to exceeding standards and driving progress within the industry. It’s also our demonstration in determination to streamline processes to deliver unparalleled results for our clients. Sometimes even small adjustments can create a ripple effect toward a better future.

Contact us today if you want to make sustainability an integral part of your own business practices.