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Midstates Energy

Nationwide Electrical Testing For Excellence

Electrical testing is extremely important for ensuring the safety and reliability of electrical systems. Testing helps to identify any issues or faults in the system that could cause power outages, equipment failures, or even safety hazards like electrocution or fires. By testing electrical systems regularly, potential problems can be detected and addressed before they escalate into major issues.

Professional testing minimizes downtime, reduces repair costs, and ensures that the electrical system is functioning optimally. Overall, electrical system testing is crucial for maintaining the integrity of electrical systems and ensuring the safety of those who work with or around them.

MidStates Energy, LLC, provides skilled testing services for numerous industries and commercial settings throughout the United States. Our trained and experienced teams use the latest equipment and tools to carry out testing and inspections safely and efficiently.  

Field Testing Services

MidStates Energy has a strong track record of success in the industrial and commercial electrical and energy industries. We prepare and train our teams in advance of every job we land, ensuring that the final project deliverable is of the highest quality with the highest degree of safety we can achieve.

Our broad scope of professional testing includes:

  • High-Low Voltage Substations Commissioning
  • Insulating Liquid Analysis
  • Low Voltage Circuit Breaker Testing
  • Relay Commissioning/Calibration
  • Infrared Survey/Oil Filtration
  • Battery Testing
  • Transformer/LTC Testing and Commissioning for Low, Medium
  • and High-Voltage Applications
  • Metal Clad Switchgear Testing
  • On-Site Switchgear Testing
  • Oil and SF6 Power Circuit Breakers
  • Dissolved Gas Analysis/SF6 Sampling

Why Choose MidStates Energy for Testing Services?

You need an electrical subcontractor who comes to the field fully prepared for whatever they may face. Various types of tests reveal potential problems or determine the cause of damage so repairs or maintenance can begin quickly. MidStates Energy teams are prepared for anything before we arrive at your job site. We bring the latest testing equipment and knowledge so we waste no time getting your system operational again. Plus, we have teams throughout the United States so we can get to you fast.

  • Experienced and Capable Technicians
  • Multiple Teams Through the U.S.
  • Safety-First   
  • On-Time and On-Budget Services
  • U.S.-Based Company
  • Working Hard for Your Success
  • Surplus Electrical Components

MidStates Energy also provides Emergency Electrical Repair Services anywhere in the United States. Call 1-844-200-3774 24/7/365 when you need premier emergency repair services fast.

Contact MidStates Energy, LLC, and ask about our excellent Testing Services anywhere in the continental United States. We also stock an inventory of surplus electrical components that could be perfect for your next project. Ask a team member for more information on what is currently available.