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Midstates Energy


MidStates Energy is proud to showcase our latest project, a comprehensive bushing replacement, which fully demonstrates our commitment to expertise and reliability. This complex task was executed with precision, ensuring the highest safety standards and operational efficiency. 

Bushing failures can have severe implications leading to costly repairs, unplanned outages, and safety hazards. The most common causes of bushing failure include:
Heat stress
– Mechanical stress from conductor cables
– Incorrect gaskets
– Improper design of flex braids
– Aging
– Improper installation

In this case, the malfunction of the pad mount transformer was a consequence of poorly constructed flex braid connections. This is turn lead to an overabundance of heat generation between the bushing and the flex braid. The resulting damage could have been avoided with proper installation of bolted connections, correct flex braids and routine maintenance.

Prevention strategies include:
– Regular maintenance and inspections
– Proper installation
– Upgrading materials

Investing in these preventive measures not only enhances operational efficiency but also safeguards against costly repairs, unplanned outages, and safety hazards, ensuring a stable and reliable power source. 

By consistently delivering high-quality solutions, MidStates Energy remains a trusted partner in the energy sector. Our recent success is just one example of how we bring expertise, reliability, and customized solutions to every project we undertake.