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Field Testing
Field Testing
Field Testing from MidStates Energy

Field service testing is not merely a technical drill it’s the check-up on energy assets, a diagnostic process that inspects the mechanical health of generators, keeps an eye on the reactive power handling in substations, and assesses the voltage quality in transmission lines. The data ensures energy operations can perform at their peak. Field service testing with MidStates Energy protects your investments, secures your production and delivers peace of mind.

Our Field-Testing Services Include:
– High-Low voltage substations commissioning
– Insulating liquid analysis
– Low voltage circuit breaker testing
– Relay commissioning/calibration
– Infrared survey/oil filtration
– Battery testing
– Transformer/LTC testing and commissioning for low, medium and high voltage applications
– Metal clad switchgear testing
– On-site switchgear testing
– Oil and SF6 power circuit breakers
– Dissolved gas analysis/SF6 sampling.

What sets up apart is our commitment to protocols and partnerships. We follow the strictest testing protocols to ensure that our operations are not only efficient but transparent and compliant. Our reputation is built upon the foundation of every partnership, where we consistently deliver quality and reliability, setting benchmarks for others to follow.

At MidStates Energy, we’ve mastered the science of testing and we’re ready to chart a path for your success. Connect with us today and experience the power of our field-testing services. Together we can be partners in power.

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