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Midstates Energy

Kentucky Bus System Inspection, Maintenance, & Repairs

The primary causes of bus system failures are due to age and lack of ongoing maintenance. Without routine inspections and maintenance, moisture and debris intrude and wear out insulation, gaskets, and seals, leading to overheating, bad connections, and eventual breakdowns. MidStates Energy has teams in Kentucky that can perform Bus System Inspections, Maintenance, and Repairs regardless of your location. Contact us in Bloomsdale at 8011 Enterprise Drive or call 573-880-2430 to learn more.

Bus duct systems delivering critical power are often ignored until an unplanned outage occurs. Routine bus duct system inspections can detect the following:

·        Moisture Intrusion

·        High Temperatures

·        Dirt and Debris

·        Torn Bellows

·        Damaged Gaskets

·        Cracks

·        Damaged Insulators

·        Bolted Connection Failures

·        Pending Equipment Failures

Detecting issues early is the key to making repairs quickly before major, costly breakdowns can happen.

Bus System Inspections

The MidStates Energy team in Kentucky can perform both online and offline testing to prepare for maintenance and repairs.

Online Testing

Our skilled and trained teams can perform visual inspections, IR Thermography inspections, and Electromagnetic Signature Analysis (EMSA) testing while your bus systems are operational.

Offline Testing

A more thorough inspection can be performed when your bus systems are not operational. This allows our trained specialists to visually inspect the general condition of the accessible interior and exterior components and perform cryogenic cleaning to remove significant buildups of debris and contamination.

Maintenance and Repairs

The MidStates Energy teams in Bloomsdale are experts at bus system design for replacing or retrofitting generator circuit breakers, tap boxes for auxiliary equipment, and maintenance for modifications to replace transformers and busing boxes. We can help you add online monitoring equipment, access ports, heaters, new gaskets and bushings, and other components.

Our professional bus system inspection, maintenance, and repairs can keep the power flowing optimally and save troubling breakdown delays and costs.

Why Choose MidStates Energy in Kentucky for Bus System Inspection, Maintenance, and Repairs?

The MidStates Energy team in Kentucky is certified by and affiliated with ten professional organizations for superior quality, safety, and professionalism. Our experts can handle inspections, maintenance, and repairs in the most challenging layouts and conditions to keep the power flowing – or to get it flowing again.

You can depend on MidStates Energy in Bloomsdale for:

·        Safety

·        On-Time and On-Budget Services

·        Well-Trained Team Members

·        Prioritizing Your Needs

·        Partnership to Guarantee Your Success

We serve locations across the United States and are ready to serve your needs and get the job done.

Contact our Kentucky location at 8011 Enterprise Drive to learn more about our professional Bus System Inspection, Maintenance, and Repairs and how we can bring timely, effective, and efficient solutions. Call 573-880-2430 today to speak with a team member.