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Midstates Energy

Kansas Transformer Services and Emergencies

Periodic maintenance and scheduled service are critical for extending the life of transformers and other high-voltage equipment. MidStates Energy has teams in Kansas to handle Transformer Services and Emergencies to keep the power flowing far and wide. Contact us in Bloomsdale at 8011 Enterprise Drive or call 573-880-2430 to learn more.

Field Maintenance

Many things can go wrong with transformers in the field, and our teams in Kansas, are prepared to handle any job in any conditions. When field maintenance is needed for your transformers and other high-energy electrical components, trust the safe, expert, and reputable professionals from MidStates Energy. Our field maintenance services include, but are not limited to, the following:

·        Replacing pumps, coolers, fans, and radiator assemblies

·        Leak detection

·        LTC inspections and repair

·        Cleaning bushings

·        Replacing bushings

·        Replacing gauges

·        Internal inspection and repairs

·        Nitrogen systems

·        Re-gasketing

·        Load Tap Changer servicing

·        Electrical testing

·        Painting

·        Circuit breaker service and repairs

Electrical Testing

Accurate electrical testing for a wide range of values can establish the condition of your transformers and determine what actions are needed to reach optimal performance. Test results can be compared to previous tests, forming a critical baseline for future tests. These results are also compared to product manufacturer specifications and industry guidelines to help detect problems and potential issues.

Oil Testing

Aging processors can suffer failures or shortened service lives due to liquid and gaseous contaminants in the dielectric fluid. Routine sampling and oil testing can detect this fluid breakdown to prevent problems. Our teams in Bloomsdale use specialized testing equipment to type and quantify contaminants and their impact on performance history. We can then offer recommendations for service, maintenance, or upgrades to keep your systems at an optimal level.

Emergency Service

When emergencies arise, the teams at MidStates Energy are on-call and ready to deliver exceptional service. Power outages and other problems won’t wait – homes, businesses, and critical infrastructure can be damaged or left without vital power at difficult times. Our teams in Bloomsdale are ready to roll when you contact us for emergency transformer service and repairs.

Why Choose MidStates Energy in Kansas for Transformer Services & Emergencies?

MidStates Energy started as a small, hardworking business and has built a reputation for consistently meeting or exceeding expectations. Power is critical, so our teams work hard to keep your high-end electrical components operating at peak efficiency. And when problems arise, we’re ready to meet any demands.

Trust MidStates Energy in Bloomsdale when you need a team of experts that:

·        Makes Safety a Priority

·        Works On-Time and On-Budget

·        Is Well-Trained for Every Job

·        Puts Your Needs First

·        Partners with You for Your Success

We serve locations across the United States and are ready to serve your needs and do the job.

Contact our Kansas location at 8011 Enterprise Drive to learn more about our Transformer Services, including Emergency Services, and how we can bring timely, effective, and efficient solutions. Call 573-880-2430 today to speak with a team member.